10 Reasons Why You’re Attracting Cheap Freelance Clients

Some freelancers seem to thrive, while others have cash flow troubles. If your design business has you worried about clients who don’t pay, or payments that take forever to collect, the frustration is real.   If you’ve struggled to figure out your rate structure and have clients who try to negotiate a better deal, we’ve…

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Avoid Designer Burnout: Our Complete List of 23 Tips

freelance graphic designer sitting with her laptop

Creative careers come with specific pain points that don’t affect other professionals. If you’re a freelance graphic designer, brand designer, or web designer, you understand how easily burnout can creep into your work life.   It’s possible to live in the freedom and flexibility that a career as a creative freelancer promises without suffering from…

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Boundaries: How to Set Them With Your Freelance Clients

Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed sometimes? Or even in a state of panic? Do you feel anxious? Maybe you have design clients you dread?   When you decided to go out on your own and start a freelance business, you became the CEO of your new organization! The buck stops with you. And when…

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10 Tips to Boost Your Confidence as a Designer

Confidence is something ever freelance graphic designer needs. But what is it and how do you get more of it? Wouldn’t it be great if practical lessons in how to have confidence were part of our education?   Maybe you have friends who exude confidence. You really wish you could feel like that.   And…

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10 Tips for Handling Rejection as a Freelancer

freelance graphic designer meeting with a client

Let’s get real: life is full of ups and downs. We win some, we lose some. There are people who are great to work with…and, you get the idea.   We can’t always control our own environment – and we certainly can’t control someone else’s. As a graphic designer, you are a creative at heart,…

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4 Essential Habits for Freelance Graphic Designers

Incremental change is a powerful force. Recently, we explored how to stay focused as a freelance graphic designer (follow the link if you missed our piece!).   In today’s article, we’ve expanded the theme to help you find out how to leverage the power of incremental change to take your freelance graphic design business to…

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5 Ways to Stay Focused as a Freelance Graphic Designer

focused graphic designer working from home

Does your freelancing career feel like a roller coaster: thrilling ups, terrifying downs, and mostly out of your direct control? Are you landing your ideal clients and making the money you always knew you could?   It’s hard to do it all — keeping your existing clients happy, marketing for new leads, and running the…

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11 Proven Ways to Get Freelance Clients

graphic designer working from home

Maybe you’re a seasoned freelancer who is hitting a dry spell, or maybe you’re launching your creative business for the first time. No matter where you are in your journey as an entrepreneur, one question always seems to pop up:   “How can I get more clients?!”   The good news is there are potential…

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