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Build Your Design Business

Build Your Design



Get $15k Clients

profitable designer program


The Profitable Designer Program includes everything you need for your design business, sign high-paying clients, generate consistent income, and create the flexible lifestyle of your dreams.

Pricing your

Design Services

Set Your Rates & Make
More Money

  • Price your design services to reach your income goals
  • Set your hourly, project, package, and value-based rates step-by-step
  • Select the right pricing model for your biz
  • Raise your rates with our helpful script
  • Client wants to negotiate? Here’s what to say!

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Client Workflow

For Designers

Organize your creative business, make your clients happy, & manage your graphic, brand, and web design projects!

  • Close more of your leads with our 3-step consult call formula
  • Send your proposal, contract, invoices, & welcome email in the right order
  • Use cloud folders & free software to share your designs and client communications
  • Apply our proven tactics to avoid endless design revisions
  • Give clients an amazing experience so they send you future referrals

Niche Your

Design Business

Discover Your Profitable
Graphic or Web Design Niche

  • Learn the pros and cons of becoming a specialized design expert
  • Conduct market research on your top niche choices
  • Discover your most fun & profitable design niche
  • Update your website & marketing to attract high-paying clients in your niche
  • Grow your graphic, brand or web design business with clients you love

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For Designers

Organize your creative business, make your clients happy, & manage your graphic, brand, and web design projects!

  • Promote your design business without burning out
  • Attract $12k clients through blogging, SEO, & email marketing
  • Get word-of-mouth clients with our proven networking script
  • Learn how to run paid advertising campaigns that convert
  • Stand out from other designers on social media – finally!



Download our proven graphic, brand and web design proposal templates, customize them to fit your project, and land those high-end clients today!

  • Book $5k+ Clients
  • Proven Proposal Template That Works
  • 30+ Adjustable Pages
  • Step-By-Step Support Documents
  • InDesign, PowerPoint, and Keynote Formats