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See the real-world results that designers are getting from our programs: from raising their rates 5x, hitting $10k months, and more!

Emir Kudic


“Previously, I made around $3-4k per month, and through the program I increased my monthly income by an additional $2-3k monthly. I even ALMOST had a $10k month! The client paid two days later, so it wasn’t technically in one month, but it was still an amazing feeling.” - Emir Kudic

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Farrah Dodson - Aventive Academy Student

I DOUBLED my prices & am getting more leads

“Since taking the Aventive Academy courses I have DOUBLED my prices and gained so much more confidence in myself and my business. I've just recently launched my rebranded business, but I'm already getting more leads than ever before because I am showing up, running my marketing the right way and communicating my value to potential clients.”
- Farrah Dodson

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morgan pantoja designer

I raised my rates by 10x!

“Since starting Aventive Academy, I have raised my rates for branding considerably. I used to offer logo design, and I now offer 3 larger branding packages for clients to choose from. These packages range from 5x to 10x higher than what I used to charge!” - Morgan Pantoja

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Channie IG
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claudia astorino profitable designer program graduate

I learned how to find clients

“I felt confused before taking Aventive’s lessons. They helped me develop a better vision of what I want for my agency. I was able to quickly apply some concepts like setting my goals, naming my agency, and learning how to find clients.
- Claudia Astorino

Rachel Doss

Becoming a full-time graphic designer

“Aventive Academy helps you set practical goals for your design business as you transition into your niche and become a full-time graphic designer. The advice was simple enough to start immediately and helped me plan out my business for the next 5 years.”
- Rachel Doss

Kristan McArthur

My entire business mindset has changed

“Before attending Aventive Academy, I lacked the business skills to help me connect with clients. The courses have been an eye-opener for me, and my entire business mindset has changed for the better! I am learning exciting and profitable business skills every day through the AA courses.
- Kristan McArthur

Sarah Goodell

Life changing for me and my family

“I have spent over 10k in coaching since beginning my business last year, desperately searching for a program like Kady's. I have started to employ all of the techniques that she teaches, and I am already seeing a huge change. It's literally life changing for me and my family.” - Sarah Goodell

Matilda Nilsson print screen

I was able to apply everything I learned

“I was able to apply everything I learned in the course. Literally everything. There is nothing that I didn’t really need. The lessons are the perfect length: you can do them on your own pace, they aren’t long, and it’s easy to stay focused.”
- Matilda Nilsson

dynia grille headshot

Save Yourself Time!

Save yourself the time of reading 50 different business books! Just pay attention to this course and you will learn more. Aventive Academy talks about design as a business: specialized, concrete and very comprehensive.”
- Dynia Grille


I have built a small business

“I have built a small business that is my own and that allows me to provide a service I am passionate about. Aventive Academy’s program has given me an immense amount of confidence. Before I started I had never worked with contracts, I felt nervous to charge hardly anything, I felt overwhelmed by how to start, and I had no clear goals.

Now I have contracts, a business task organizer, financial systems in place, invoices created, an ideal client, organized branding, and clear-cut weekly and monthly goals. I finally feel confident in myself as a service provider!” - Morgan Pantoja

Kristan Pic 2

It was exactly what I needed

“Before discovering Aventive Academy, I felt like I hit a brick wall and was at a dead-end in my design career. It was like Kady read my mind and offered exactly what I needed to achieve future success for my graphic design business.
- Kristan McArthur