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For Brand, Web and Graphic Designers

you have the interest

of a potential client – now it’s time to seal the deal with a proposal that gets them to “yes.”

Download our proven client proposal template, customize it to fit your project, and land those high-end graphic, brand or web design clients today!


Proposal for Booking $5k+ Clients

30+ Adjustable Pages

Proven Design Proposal Template That Works

Step-By-Step Support Documents

InDesign, PowerPoint, and Keynote Formats

Due to the nature of this project being digital, all sales are final and there are no refunds or exchanges.

Negotiate Less & Land Better Clients

Negotiate Less &
Land Better

“Should my graphic design proposal have one page, ten pages, or fifty pages?”

“When do I even send clients a proposal? Before our call? With the contract?”

“How do I know what details to include?”

Why waste precious hours trying to figure these things out on your own? Just use our proven design proposal templates that regularly land us $15k brand and web design clients – with a 90% close rate!

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Our Client

Proposal Template will show you how to create the best proposal for your brand design, web design, or graphic design services.

We specifically designed this proposal template to be easy and customizable for you. Just plug in some basic information about your business and the project, send the proposal to the client, and then focus on what you really love:

The template
will help you:

  • Get more design clients
  • Win high-paying projects
  • Increase your closing rate
  • Make your clients excited to get started!

Crafting brands, websites, and designs while making more money freelancing.

Kady Sandel

Hey there!

This is the real-life proposal template that Kady Sandel, the CEO of Aventive Academy, uses in her branding agency to regularly land $15k+ clients.

But she didn’t create it overnight. It took years of experimenting with formats, styles, and content to end up with a winning graphic design proposal formula that will set you apart from the crowd and get clients to hire you.

When your proposal blows your clients away…. they trust you, they say yes to the project, and you get paid. Simple as that!


What you get


  • Fully Customizable Proposal Template
  • Includes All 3 Formats: InDesign, Keynote, and PowerPoint
  • All Colors and Text are Adjustable to Your Business
  • Bonus Support Document to Guide You
  • Download and Use It Forever
Kady Sandel