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3 Proven Steps to Attract Clients to Your Business

How would it feel to grow your graphic design business, make money freelancing, and work from anywhere?

In this value-packed workshop, our founder Kady will walk you through the successful strategies she used to beat the competition, build an amazing portfolio, and attract clients all the time.

About Aventive Academy

About Aventive


Aventive Academy was founded to help you, a woman graphic designer, find amazing graphic design clients, build a better portfolio, grow your freelance business, do what you love, have adjustable work hours, and make the income you desire. You can become a thriving female creative freelancer, and the future you dream of is possible!

We understand!

We understand

where you’re at– because we have been there too!

Right now you’re not sure how to...

Create a profitable business you’re proud of!

Find a steady stream of well-paying freelance clients

Make enough money to live beyond your basic needs

Stand out from other graphic designers

Jump ship on your 9-5 and go all-in on your business

Be booked out 3+ months in advance

Find creative ways to get your name out there

Bring in consistent levels of revenue every month

Drop imposter syndrome and own your worth

Be happy, stress-free, and inspired as a creative entrepreneur

Free Resources

We’ve poured our hearts into creating these amazing FREE resources to help you grow your freelance business! Download them here for instant access:


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Hey there!

I’m Kady Sandel,

the founder of Aventive Academy.

I believe that every woman graphic design business can be successful, and I want to give you the actionable steps to get there.

I started as a one-woman freelance graphic designer, and from there I built a lucrative branding business that allowed me to take on amazing projects, collaborate with clients around the world, and work from anywhere.

Here at Aventive Academy, we know what it’s like to scramble for freelance clients, exhaust yourself, juggle your 9-5 with your dreams, doubt your worth, and barely make any money.

We’re here to help you to build a profitable freelance graphic design business, drop the stress, maintain a constant flow of clients and projects you love – and have fun along the way! And we use proven strategies that work.

Learn with us!

Whether you’re just starting your graphic design business, or you have the foundation but aren’t seeing the growth you are looking for – our learning platform Aventive Academy will help you!

We will teach you how to grow your freelance career, attract high-quality clients, and create the income and lifestyle you desire. Our online courses, videos, ebooks, and educational resources are everything you need to start and expand your freelance business.

We bring connection, collaboration & education to graphic designers around the world.

Our students


Claudia Astorino


“I finally feel comfortable and more confident with my ideas, where before I felt lost and confused. I love the ‘personal experience’ tips. with Aventive Academy, I had a major insight into why I wanted to start my business, and I feel super motivated!”


Matilda Nilsson


“Aventive Academy helped me to see how every obstacle is an opportunity to learn something. I am not the best designer, but the content and courses helped me understand that it’s okay and that I will be improving over time.”


Community for Women

Community for

Why do it alone?! Our support network of motivated women graphic designers will help you clarify your creative vision and reach your business goals faster.

In our exclusive Facebook community, you will expand your circle and make friends with fellow graphic designers who are designing the lives and businesses of their dreams.

FREE Workshop

3 Steps to

Improve Your Graphic Design Portfolio

That’s right: this workshop will teach you how to get clients and grow your income – and it’s completely free of charge!

In the workshop, our founder Kady will show you the exact steps she took to build a successful portfolio and go from an underpaid freelancer to the owner of her own branding agency.

The presentation
will help you
figure out:

How to design amazing portfolio pieces that set you apart

The exact number of portfolio showcases you need to include to impress clients

How to present your work using mockups (and get hired!)

Explore our blog

Find actionable ideas on how to start and grow your freelance business on the Aventive Academy blog!

Find actionable ideas on how to start and grow your
freelance business on the Aventive Academy blog!

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