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Aventive Academy is an online learning platform that helps creative entrepreneurs successfully build their service-based businesses.

We will teach you how to grow your freelance career, attract high-quality clients, and create the income and lifestyle you desire. Our online courses, ebooks, and other educational resources are everything you need to start and expand your creative business. Aventive Academy’s active community of like-minded creatives helps students support each other, gain valuable feedback, and reach their goals faster. We bring connection, collaboration & education to creative freelancers around the world.

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Why do it alone?! Our support network of likeminded women entrepreneurs will help you clarify your creative vision and reach your goals faster.

In our exclusive Facebook community, you will expand your circle and make friends with fellow women who are designing the lives and businesses of their dreams. Every time you get stuck, you can just pop into the group and ask for help in our positive, friendly, and super supportive environment. And all for free!

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Free Resources

We made these free value-packed resources to help you get more clients, grow your income, and set up your creative business for success!

Download the ones that are right for you and take the next steps in your business today:

Start & Grow Your Creative Business

Aventive Academy is a results-focused program that will help you create the freelance business you’ve always wanted:

- Wake up at 11 AM? Sure! Have a picnic on a Tuesday? Why not! As a creative freelancer, you make the rules on how your days will go.

- No more hustling yourself into the ground to build someone else’s dream. Kiss your 9-5 goodbye and take on clients that genuinely light you up.

- Work from home, from your parents’ house while you spend quality time with them, from a faraway tropical island… there are no limits when you’re the boss!

- Set up systems to attract, nurture, and convert new clients so you never have to scramble for work again. Plus, you will learn how to create passive income products to help you make money in your sleep!

- Meet, collaborate, and brainstorm with like-minded entrepreneurial women who want to help each other grow in our private student community.


Whether you’re a designer, writer, photographer, stylist, videographer, or in any other creative field, our online courses, educational articles, ebooks, and community will help you build the freelance business of your dreams.

Online Courses

We’ve created some amazing and value-packed online courses to help you start and grow your creative business!

Since every entrepreneur is at a different point on their journey, our courses meet you where you are and help you seamlessly step into your next stage of business.

Maybe you’re dreaming of escaping from your corporate cubicle, but when it comes to starting your own business, you aren’t sure where to begin. We have a course for you.

Or maybe you already started freelancing, but it’s more frustrating than you thought it would be. You want to land higher-paying clients and work less hours. We have a course for you too.

Our courses cut through the overwhelm and help you achieve real-world results: more clients, more freedom, and a consistent stream of new prospects and income ideas.

Plus, all students gain access to our supportive online community of women who are paving their own paths as creative entrepreneurs. What’s not to love?!

Upcoming course dates will be announced soon – but only to those on the Aventive Academy email list! Join us here to receive updates, course descriptions, and details on when courses open for enrollment:

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Hey there!

My name is Kady Sandel and I’m the CEO and founder of Aventive Academy. Welcome!

I’m passionate about helping creative entrepreneurs start and grow their online businesses – because I was once there too! I originally started my freelance graphic design career because I couldn’t find a job that would give me the flexibility, freedom, and income that I craved. So, I had to create one!

I started as a one-woman freelance graphic designer, and from there I built a successful branding agency that allowed me to take on amazing projects, collaborate with clients around the world, and work from anywhere.

But it wasn’t easy – especially at first. It took me several years of experimenting, so many trials and errors, and a lot of wasted money on ads that didn’t bring any results.

Today, I know exactly what you need to do to grow your creative freelance business, and I want to help you get there!

Here at Aventive Academy, I will teach you the proven strategies and steps to create a successful service-based freelance business.