The Profitable
Designer Program

Grow your design business to 5-figure months using our proven 12-week system.

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You have seen other

successful graphic designers, and you’ve wondered how to:

  • Consistently book $10k+ graphic design clients and grow your freelance business
  • Get to six figures as a creative designer without working 24/7!
  • Write proposals that get high-paying clients to hire you
  • Create an amazing portfolio, website, and content strategy that sets you apart
  • Stand out from the competition and become the go-to graphic designer in your field
  • Set up the right pricing, contracts, and systems to make people buy from you

And now imagine if you could:

And now imaging if
you could:


Set up the foundation of your freelance business.

Your contracts, sales calls, proposals, pricing, invoices & portfolio can all feel streamlined and easy!


Get $15k+ Clients

Overcome imposter syndrome and get paid what you’re worth. Increase your income and create brands or websites for clients you adore!


Magnetize your dream clients.

Find the most effective ways to get in front of $15k clients, from networking events to blogging and more!


Build a six figure business

No more roller coaster of fluctuating income! Develop systems to consistently attract and sign high-paying clients over time.

Our students

Rachel Doss

Rachel Doss


“The lecture lengths are short enough to listen on drives or a lunch break -- perfect for the working graphic designer! This course helped me niche down my clientele, assisted my vision for the future of my business, and helped with my content marketing.”

Channie IG
Kristan March 2023 - Copy
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Kady Sandel

Our 12-Week Profitable Designer Program includes everything you need to build your design business, sign $15k+ clients, generate consistent income, and create the flexible lifestyle of your dreams.

Hey there!

Hi! My name is Kady. I

own a branding and design agency, and I'm booking $12k, $15k and even $20,000 projects.

I built my branding & design agency on the side while still juggling a 9-5, and now I want to teach you how to do the same based on the proven strategies I used!

I was working all the time, and I tried everything you can possibly imagine. I was constantly improving my design skills, posting on Instagram, trying Facebook ads, going to networking events… but nothing was working.

I’m now also the founder of Aventive Academy, a platform that helps you start and grow your freelance brand, web or graphic design business.

I’m happy you’re here and can’t wait to see you inside the course! By the time you’re done, I know you will be so happy and proud that you invested in yourself and created the business of your dreams.

We want you to succeed!

We want you to

Time is the most precious resource you have, and once you waste it, you can’t get it back. We will show you which strategies actually work and how to do them right the first time.

The Profitable Designer Program is a 12-week step-by-step program that will teach you the exact methods to go from working for someone else to becoming the CEO of your own creative company!

At the beginning of my freelance career, my vision was simple:

I just wanted to create a profitable business and have amazing clients, consistent income, and the flexibility of being my own boss. I wanted to hit six figures on my own terms. I wanted to sleep soundly at night without panicking about money or client issues.

Does this sound like you too?

Our students

Claudia Astorino

Claudia Astorino


“I felt confused before taking Aventive’s lessons. They helped me develop a better vision of what I want for my agency. I was able to quickly apply some concepts like setting my goals, naming my agency, and learning how to find clients.”

Kristan McArthur

Kristan McArthur


“Before discovering these courses, I felt like I hit a brick wall and was at a dead-end in my design career. It was like Kady read my mind and offered exactly what I needed to achieve future success for my graphic design business.”

dynia grille headshot

Dynia Grille



“Save yourself the time of reading 50 different business books! Just pay attention to this course and you will learn more. Aventive Academy talks about design as a business: specialized, concrete and very comprehensive.”

12-Week Program

The Profitable Designer Program is full of
the lessons and strategies I used to grow and
scale my design business.

The Profitable Designer Program is full of the lessons and strategies I used to grow and scale my design business.

I started as a one-woman freelance graphic designer, and from there I built a lucrative branding business that allowed me to take on $15k+ projects, collaborate with clients around the world, and work from wherever I wanted.

What's Inside?


Online Learning

Access all Aventive Academy lessons from the comfort of your home, the beach, or wherever you want!


12-Week Program

You get access to 12 modules and 85 video lessons that you can play and pause whenever you want.


Community Support

Get access to our exclusive community of brand, graphic, and web designers who are dedicated to reaching their goals!



Besides 12 modules and 85 video lessons, you also get 47 downloadable workbooks to implement our proven strategies into your business.


Lifetime Access

Need to revisit a lesson later? Not a problem – you have access to our program and material for life.

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IG Story Morgan

During the next 12 weeks, you will go through
these easy-to-follow 12 modules and video lessons

Durting the next 12-weeks
you will go through these
12 modules and video lessons

In between lessons, you will use the included workbook and bonus materials to implement these strategies into your business fast. Here’s what you will learn in each module:

Kady Sandel


Creative Entrepreneurship

  • Overcome imposter syndrome so you can feel motivated and confident
  • Set up your workspace and routines for business success
  • Mindset: Feel less overwhelmed & anxious in your business
  • Discover where your purpose, creative talents, and profits meet


Business Planning

  • Make clients choose you over the competition (positioning)
  • Use our easy templates to create an amazing business and brand plan
  • Learn who exactly your ideal clients are and where you can find them!
  • Decide if a personal brand or business brand is right for you
Kady Sandel


Client Management System

  • Learn the workflow of how to work with clients (exactly when and what you need to send)
  • Set up the bank accounts, licenses, and taxes for your graphic design business
  • Craft irresistible proposals and invoices that your clients say yes to
  • Establish your client contracts using our cheat sheets and software recommendations


Design Pricing

  • Discover which pricing model is best for you and how to set it up
  • Learn if you should charge per hour, per project, or do value-based pricing
  • Set your pricing based on your financial goals and confidently share your design rates with clients
  • Learn when and how to raise your prices with ease
Kady Sandel
Kady Sandel


Branding Assets

  • Build a portfolio that stands on its own, attracts clients, and makes them want to hire YOU!
  • Create the visual brand, colors, fonts, and logo for your design business
  • Set up your website page-by-page to convert new traffic into paying clients
  • Interpret your website analytics, search results, and more with our tech lesson


Client Acquisition

  • Get visible on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn (both organically and paid!)
  • Stop chasing $12k clients and let them find you by improving your SEO
  • Get referrals from networking events without feeling sleazy
  • Best practices for speaking with, onboarding, and signing new clients
Kady Sandel


Team Expansion & Marketing

  • Improve your branding, marketing, and advertising so you can attract better clients
  • Turn your cold audience into warm (and hot!) leads
  • Learn when and how to hire help for sustainable growth
  • Set up lead generation systems that bring in potential clients while you sleep


Specialization Strategy

  • Position yourself strategically so clients see you as high-end expert
  • Find and test a profitable niche for your graphic design business
  • Attract high-paying clients by using your niched visuals and content strategy
  • Get the clients, industries, and projects YOU want to work with
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Minimal home office desk workspace with laptop, coffee, notebook, eucalyptus, envelope. Flat lay, top view social media background.


Content Marketing

  • Never run out of content ideas with our social media and blogging prompts
  • Develop an incredible content strategy that attracts clients and uses the right keywords
  • Advanced SEO: The 4 website tweaks that will help you rise above the competition
  • Build your email list using opt-ins, sequences, and engaging content that leaves clients wanting more


Promotion & Outreach

  • Use our proven networking event script to get more word-of-mouth referrals
  • How, what, where – everything you need to know about finding graphic design clients on social media
  • Grow your business even faster with cold emailing and paid Facebook and Instagram ads
Kady Sandel
Kady Sandel


Credibility Building

  • Build trust with potential clients fast — even if they’re hearing about you for the first time
  • Get & close clients faster because they already trust you
  • Leverage local and online media opportunities to expand your reach
  • Generate revenue (while building trust at the same time!) with passive income products like books, downloads, and courses


Sales Growth

  • Conduct sales calls like a pro – from structuring the call to handling objections to closing the deal
  • Craft a pitch that makes clients genuinely excited to work with you
  • Anxiety no more: feel comfortable and excited about selling your creative services
  • Best practices for speaking with, onboarding, and signing new clients
Kady Sandel
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The modules are easy to fit into your schedule, and you get lifetime access to all the lessons and materials so you can revisit them any time.

Plus you can interact with likeminded brand, web and graphic designers in our exclusive student community for even more support!

Don’t forget to write off the program cost as your business education and pay less in taxes this year! 😊

Bonuses here! - $3,229 value

Yep – we added in some value-packed bonuses to help you grow your business faster! These super-actionable resources give you everything you need to bring your business to life.

*Extra bonuses are included when you pay in full



Professional Agency Email Templates - $299 value

  • Email your clients, referrals, and cold leads without feeling weird! Just copy and paste from our templates
  • Need a review? Use our email swipe copy to ask for one!
  • Want to start a DM conversation on LinkedIn or Instagram? This bonus will show you how!



Exclusive Designer Community - $799 value

  • Get access to a private platform of motivated designers who will help you get unstuck and move forward faster!

  • Network and get business support from likeminded graphic, brand, and web designers.

  • Receive personalized advice for your graphic design business.



Content & Social Media Planner - $167 value

  • Create your own social media content schedule using Trello
  • Learn our favorite hack for creating content that resonates with clients
  • See exactly how we plan, schedule, and structure our content for income and success!


Bonus Bundle (4 In 1)

Fast-Forward Your Business Bundle - $1,497 value

  • 1. Developing an eBook for Passive Income

  • 2. Growing Your Email List

  • 3. Grow Your Business with Melinda Livsey

  • 4. Growth Tracker & Organizer


VIP Bonus 1*

SEO & Profitable Blogging - $199 value

  • Monetize your blog with our easy step-by-step tips
  • Stop hunting for clients – create an unforgettable blog so they can come to you!
  • Structure your blog posts so clients will read, engage, and buy

*Pay in full to receive these VIP bonuses ($766 value)


VIP Bonus 2*

Get Your Dream Client Blueprint - $567 Value

  • Step-by-step screen sharing process to learn more about your dream clients.

  • How to find and get connected to your ideal clients.

  • The best practices to be introduced to the people you want to work with.

*Pay in full to receive these VIP bonuses ($766 value)

Our students

emir kudic headshot

Emir Kudic


“Previously, I made around $3-4k per month, and through the course I increased my monthly income by an additional $2-3k monthly. I even ALMOST had a $10k month! The client paid two days later, so it wasn’t technically in one month, but it was still an amazing feeling.”

Rachel Doss

Rachel Doss


“Aventive Academy helps you set goals for your design business and gives you practical steps to become a full-time graphic designer. The advice was simple enough to start immediately and helped me plan out my business for the next 5 years.”

Screenshot 2022-05-12 151024
Screenshot 2022-05-12 152516
Kristan March 2023 - Copy
kristan redid contracts ig
Screenshot 2022-05-12 150945
Screenshot 2022-05-12 150918

After you complete

The 12-week Profitable Designer Program you will know…

Exactly how to book high-paying ($15k+) clients using our proven strategy

How a 6-figure business functions behind the scenes

The value of your creative work (goodbye insecurity and imposter syndrome!)

What pricing model is best for your business, goals, and lifestyle

How to set up your workflow so you don’t have to guess what to send to a client when

How to position yourself as the go-to graphic designer so clients choose YOU

How to keep your finances, project management, and client communications organized

What to include on your portfolio, website, and social media pages to attract your ideal clients

Exactly how to land and impress high-ticket design clients – and how to do that repeatedly!

How to find, embrace, and profit from your unique niche

How to come up with engaging content ideas without spending all day behind the screen

The repeatable systems that can bring you a constant flow of clients, income, and fulfilling work

The Profitable Designer Program

Join 300+ Designers

Attract dream clients and build a profitable design business with our 12-week business program!


One time payment $4,723

  • Running a Creative Business: Mindset, Motivation, and Imposter Syndrome
  • Your Business & Brand Plan: Goals, Naming, and Positioning
  • Proposals, Invoicing, Contracts, and Client Workflow
  • Pricing Your Design Services
  • Your Portfolio, Visual Identity, and Website
  • Strategies for Getting Design Clients
  • Business Growth: Expanding Your Team, Marketing, and Advertising
  • Specializing: Finding Your Niche & Becoming an Expert
  • Content Marketing for Designers
  • Outreach and Direct Promotion: Networking, Social Media, and Paid Ads
  • Building Your Credibility & Trust
  • Making Sales & Growing Your Design Business



Professional Agency Email Templates


Exclusive Designer Community


Content & Social Media Planner


Fast-Forward Your Business Bundle (4 bonuses)

VIP Bonus#1*

SEO & Profitable Blogging

VIP Bonus#2*

Get Your Dream Client Blueprint

*Pay in full to receive these VIP BONUSES ($766 value)

Return on investment?

It totally depends on you and what you will do with the provided content.

But let me tell you, the results speak for themselves:

  • Emir made an impressive 10x return on his investment in just one month, reaching $10k per month.
  • Kristan also made a 10x return on her investment, if not more. She booked a $10k project - in just one project!
  • And Morgan increased her rates by 10x, now making 10x more than she used to.
  • Others have quit their 9-5 jobs, replaced their salaries, doubled their rates, landed dream clients, and improved their lives in various ways.

Invest in yourself and your future success - take advantage of the opportunities provided to you.

Our students

morgan pantoja graphic designer

Morgan Pantoja


“I have built a small business that is my own and that allows me to provide a service I am passionate about. Aventive Academy’s program has given me an immense amount of confidence. Before I started I had never worked with contracts, I felt nervous to charge hardly anything, I felt overwhelmed by how to start, and I had no clear goals.

Now I have contracts, a business task organizer, financial systems in place, invoices created, an ideal client, organized branding, and clear-cut weekly and monthly goals. I finally feel confident in myself as a service provider!”

Why Choose The Profitable
Designer Program?

The Profitable Designer Program will show you exactly how to build a six-figure freelance design business! It will help you sign $15k+ clients and get you to the next level.

Rather than Googling everything and slowly inching towards your dreams of freedom, these courses will give you the motivation, knowledge, and tools you need to launch and scale your graphic design business – and make a profit from your work.

We have included everything you need to go from "I want to start a freelance business" to "Wow, I'm making good money and am already booked three months out!"


Get Certified

When you finish our courses, you will receive an exclusive Aventive Academy certification, diploma, and badge to put on your website!

Our certification indicates that you completed our business school and obtained expert knowledge in how to start and grow a freelance graphic design business. This certification will help you demonstrate your business skills to potential clients and gain a competitive advantage over other graphic designers.

You can list the certification on your website, About page, portfolio, CV, or resume to build professional credibility and increase your earning potential. We’re proud of our Aventive Academy graduates and look forward to celebrating your future success!

This Program is
for you if…

  • You want to finally start & grow your design business.
  • You would love to land $15k branding, graphic or web design projects.
  • You are ready to grow your freelance graphic design business.
  • You feel overwhelmed by all the information you’ve found on Google.
  • You want to learn real-world strategies directly from a successful design business owner.
  • You want to consistently sign your dream high-paying clients.
  • You aren’t yet sure why a client should choose you over other graphic designers.
  • You are ready to invest in your future!

This Program is not
for you if ...

  • You’re not willing to put effort into building your design business.
  • You’re looking for an overnight success or get-rich-quick scheme.
  • Your business is established, successful, and doesn’t need to make any changes to grow.

Our students

Kristan Pic 2

Kristan McArthur


“Through the courses, I learned to niche my graphic design business down to build a more lucrative client-base. I also gained wonderful tools to create my service agreement, a unique business proposal, and a variety of pricing structures.”

Claudia Ale Matus 2

Claudia Matus



“I connected a lot with the lesson that talks about expanding your team. Before, I never felt prepared to outsource or delegate any tasks. But once I went over the lesson, the idea of finding help while I focused on my clients made so much sense!”


Why wait another year to launch

and grow your design business?

Why keep scrolling through the lives of successful designers… and scrolling… and scrolling… and wishing you could do what they did? Why not show up, take a chance on yourself, follow our action steps, and create the future you want?

A part of you already knows that watching 70 more YouTube videos won’t help you build your business. Googling for answers will only leave you feeling more lost.

Now is your chance to invest in yourself and lay the groundwork for a free, fulfilling, and financially abundant future. The Profitable Designer Program will get you there.

Let’s go!