The 5 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Graphic Design Portfolio

freelance graphic designer making a portfolio

Are you ready to launch your brand, web, or graphic design career to the level you dream of reaching? After all, that’s likely why you’re here, reading our blog… and we’re glad to meet you!   There was a time when we were working a 9-to-5 and it wasn’t what we’d dreamed of doing. We…

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How to Get Freelance Clients on Social Media

freelance brand designer using social media

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, Spotify, Clubhouse, Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter Spaces, Snapchat, Substack, Medium, Telegram, Reddit, LinkedIn…that’s 16 platforms where you could get graphic design clients on social media, and there are others too!   So how do you know where to start? Is it possible to be on every platform at once? And as…

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How to Write a Graphic Design Proposal That Wins Clients

graphic design proposal template

Have you ever pitched a graphic design client without preparing a proposal for them?   To try the same question another way: When someone reaches out to you about your freelance services, do you send them a clear graphic design proposal to secure the contract?   (Forgive us for being so blunt and intrusive, but…

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Top 5 Networking Tips to Get Freelance Clients

two freelance graphic designers networking

Truth be told, there’s never been more ways to network your graphic design freelance business.   There was a day when the “ad men” ruled the roost. A freelancer didn’t have a chance. It was all “in house” and it was all at the big agencies.   Well, the times have changed and we’re glad…

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Raised Her Rates and Quit Her Job – How This Brand Designer Did It!

student success story aventive academy

Have you ever thought about starting a freelance graphic design studio? Or wondered how to get freelance clients and be your own boss?   Our Aventive Academy graduates have started and grown their design businesses, and we’re sharing their stories with you in our Student Success series.   Today we’re speaking with Morgan Pantoja, a…

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How to Talk About Your Design Services

freelance branding designer

As a creative, you fell in love with the idea of selling your services through graphic design freelancing. You want to be your own boss and to work with great clients.   To become the successful entrepreneur of your dreams, you need to figure out how to get graphic design clients! This will involve taking…

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How to Become a Successful Freelance Graphic Designer

successful freelance designer on a call

Do you work a 9-to-5 job but dream of having your own freelance graphic design business, with happy clients who enjoy your creative work?   Do you think about having your own schedule and working as much (or as little) as you want? Does it occur to you that your employer is taking home profit…

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How to Stand Out as a Freelance Graphic Designer

freelance graphic designer next to pink fridge

Have you ever caught yourself in a downward spiral, wondering how to get graphic design clients?   Wondering why clients would choose you as a freelance graphic designer? You know the feeling…when that nasty imposter syndrome starts questioning your capabilities.   It can be a doubly bad feeling when there’s a slow-down in inquiries at…

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We’ll Show You How to Raise Your Freelancing Rates!

graphic designer standing in the street

You are a freelancer — and, because you’re reading this blog, we think you might be a graphic design freelancer. You know what it means to struggle to pay the bills with your freelance earnings. It’s a grind. We know!   Fortunately, we survived — and we know you will too, because you’re here. You…

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How to Create a Graphic Design Portfolio That Attracts Clients

graphic designer wearing orange headphones

You have your own freelance graphic design business and you’re wondering how to get new clients. You’ve opened the door… so where is the eager crowd of clients wanting your terrific services!?   Maybe you thought about improving your website and portfolio, but you’ve put it off, and the pressure to have billable projects is…

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