Stop The Endless Client Emails With This FREE Client Portal

Free Client Portal for Designers

This client portal changed absolutely everything in my design business. Fewer revisions, fewer emails, fewer questions. It’s all in one spot. Clients don’t ask us to resend the final files, they don’t ask about the timeline, they know exactly when they should pay next, and they are not asking for revisions via email. All the…

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Who Pays the Fees​: Designer or Client?

The Profitable Graphic Designer Podcast Cover

Who pays the processing fees? How about taxes? Designer or Client? In this episode of The Profitable Graphic Designer Podcast, we are revealing something that many designers don’t handle correctly. It’s definitely something that your clients can choose not to hire you for or hire you for. I’ve been freelancing and running my design agency…

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Hooking Potential Design Clients with Quizzes

Josh Haynam - The Founder of Try Interact

Have you ever thought about creating a quiz as a designer? No, I’m not talking about designing it, but using it in a way that will help you GET CLIENTS! Yes, it works. In today’s episode of The Profitable Graphic Designer Podcast, we are talking with Josh Haynam, the CEO and creator of Interact. Interact…

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Landing a $29,000 Branding Project – How Long It Takes

Kady Sandel for The Profitable Graphic Designer Podcast Cover

Ever wondered how long it takes to land high-paying clients? You’ll be surprised, I promise. Welcome! In this episode, I walk you through every single step I had to take to land my $29,000 branding and web design clients. While this is just one example, the majority of my clients are in the five-figure range,…

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Revisions and Client Feedback Are Not a Bad Thing

Podcast Episode Cover

In today’s episode of The Profitable Graphic Designer podcast, we’re talking about design revisions. Throughout this episode, you’ll learn how to embrace revisions as a natural part of the creative process, communicate effectively with clients to minimize misunderstandings, and educate clients on the value of your designs. By the end of our discussion, you’ll have…

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When Design Clients Are MIA – Tips for Navigating Slow Seasons

When Design Clients Are MIA - The Profitable Graphic Designer Pod Cover

No clients? No problem! Join me as I share invaluable insights and strategies for navigating those challenging times when clients seem to be nowhere in sight. In this episode, I’ll guide you through practical steps to not just survive but thrive during these downtimes. You’ll learn how to revamp your portfolio to attract new clients,…

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Transforming Leads into High-Quality Design Clients with Josh Hall

Josh Hall - Profitable Graphic Designer Podcast

Every designer grapples with challenging clients—it’s an inevitable part of the journey. We’ve all been there, facing clients who may not align with our vision or approach. But what defines a “bad” client? Is it the low-paying ones, the ones who seem to micromanage every detail, or perhaps the ones who reach out for minor…

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Marketing Strategies for Design Professionals With Shannon Mattern

Shannon Mattern - The Profitable Graphic Designer Podcast

Welcome to an insightful episode where I sit down with Shannon Mattern, a seasoned business coach specializing in helping web design entrepreneurs create freedom, flexibility, and financial independence. In our conversation, Shannon shares invaluable business and marketing insights for design professionals. Uncover the key elements of a successful marketing strategy, gain clarity on identifying your…

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Running a Small Design Agency with Kristy Campbell (Pink Pony Creative)

Kristy Campbell - The Profitable Graphic Designer Podcast Cover

Get ready to explore the vibrant world of design entrepreneurship with Kristy Campbell, the innovative force behind Pink Pony Creative. In this episode of The Profitable Graphic Designer Podcast, we uncover Kristy’s journey from a solo designer to leading a successful design agency. Discover the inspiration behind Kristy’s 100-day design challenge and the strategies she…

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