The 10 Best Graphic Design Podcasts to Follow

woman speaking on a graphic design podcast

Whether you’re a creative freelancer just starting out in your graphic design or branding business, or a seasoned freelance veteran who loves to create show-stopper design projects, we know the best graphic design podcasts to keep your professional energy (and creative inspiration) flowing.   Here are some great podcasts that will show you how to…

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5 Graphic Design Blogs to Boost Your Creativity

freelance graphic designer

You may have heard of famous artists who start their day with a specific habit to give themselves a creative boost. Something to get the juices flowing.   A visual artist might doodle something to activate their creativity, or a writer might have a short prose writing prompt to warm things up.   Creatives look…

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How to Grow Your Creative Business

creative woman

Is your creative business feeling stalled? Maybe you had some momentum and signed a few clients, but you’re not hitting the income level you want every month?   You’re not alone. When I first started my freelance business, I was working for a printing company during the day and building my graphic and website design…

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Should Creatives Start a Blog, Podcast, or YouTube Channel?

woman recording a video

Before the days of online content, if a creative freelancer wanted to write a book, launch a talk show, or become a radio host, she had to get approval from major gatekeepers like publishing companies and TV stations.   But not anymore! Now with just a laptop and internet connection, you can create blogs, videos,…

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7 Easy Steps to Starting Your Creative Business

woman graphic designer

There is no perfect time to start a creative business. Jumping into the freelance world as a graphic designer, photographer, videographer, writer, or anything else can feel scary at first, and there is no magical moment where the world will write you a permission slip.   So as a creative woman who wants to leave…

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