10k Month Graphic Designer Podcast Episode

Welcome to The Profitable Graphic Designer podcast!


In today’s episode, we talk numbers: specifically, the math of how you can get to a $10k month as a freelance graphic, brand, or web designer.


Kady Sandel breaks down the numbers of how you can create a six figure design business in a way that feels manageable, possible, and fun. There are a lot of ways you hit $10k per month, and some strategies require more work than others – let’s dive into the details together.


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If you usually feel intimidated by math, be sure to join us for this episode to gain a new perspective & feel empowered to sign $10k+ clients in your design business.


You will learn:

  • A new positive perspective on hitting six figures in your design business
  • The best ways to grow your freelance graphic design business even if you hate math
  • How to price your design services to make more money
  • The steps you need to hit your first $10k month as a freelance graphic designer


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