podcast episode how i started my freelance graphic design business

Welcome to The Profitable Graphic Designer podcast!


In our very first episode, Kady Sandel breaks down the behind-the-scenes journey of how she started her freelance graphic design business. Kady is the founder of Aventive Academy and the CEO of her branding agency Aventive Studio.


From posting endlessly on Craigslist at the beginning, to eventually signing $18k clients, you will learn everything from her biggest mistakes to what she learned about how to get freelance clients.


Listen to the episode here:

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You will learn:

  • How Kady balanced her freelance design business with a 9-5 job at the very beginning — even when she was new to the US!
  • Where to get your first freelance design clients
  • What to do when one freelance platform “goes stale” and doesn’t provide you with as many leads as it used to
  • The top in-person strategy to grow your network and get freelance brand design clients through word of mouth


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