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Welcome to The Profitable Graphic Designer podcast!


You have probably heard the industry advice to niche down in your graphic, web, or brand design business… but you might be afraid you will lose potential clients. Let’s bust that myth and show you the behind-the-scenes of what happens before and after you specialize as a designer!


In Episode 8 of the podcast, Kady Sandel gives you a full view of her design business before and after she embraced a niche – including her numbers. Learn how to choose a design niche that will be profitable, plus what you need to change in your messaging to be seen as an expert.


Kady is the founder of Aventive Academy and the CEO of her branding agency Aventive Studio.


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You will learn:

  • Best practices to pick a niche without limiting yourself
  • How to grow your graphic design business by specializing
  • Marketing tips to be seen as an expert (so you can raise your rates!)
  • The #1 resource to help you find and test a profitable design niche


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