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Welcome to The Profitable Graphic Designer podcast!


In this episode, guest expert Dot Lung joins Kady Sandel to share how freelance brand, web, and graphic designers can leverage social media to attract high-paying clients.


Tired of getting a smattering of likes on your posts, but no $10k clients in your inbox? Learn the top mistakes designers make on social media, and how you can fix them to make more money in your design business!


We also show you how to grow your following through collaborations, pick the right platforms, and convert your followers into paying freelance clients.


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About Dot:

Dot Lung is a Los Angeles native that has travelled the world working on different social media campaigns. Dot is short for Dorothy, and Lung is Mandarin for dragons. Taking on the moniker of Mother of Dragons, she has helped her clients build social media empires.


Through her interest in human behavior and knowledge of all things social, Lung aims to empower creative people to make digital magic, build a future together, and get their work seen.


Follow Dot on Instagram at @dotlung


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