emir kudic student success story

Have you wondered what it really takes to start a freelance graphic design business? Or maybe you’re read to take your freelancing full-time and are looking for real-life inspiration!


Our Aventive Academy graduates have done it all, and we’re sharing their stories with you in our Student Success series.


Today we’re speaking with our student Emir Kudic who took both courses in our Freelance Money-Making Bundle. Emir is a talented freelance branding designer with big dreams for his business, and we’re excited to share his story today!


Hi Emir! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

emir kudic designer headshot

My name is Emir Kudic, and I’m a branding designer from Bosnia and Herzegovina. I have been freelancing for almost 4 years now, and it’s going fantastically!


What type of graphic design services do you offer?

I offer branding, logo, and packaging design services… and as of recently, I also added web design services. You can find my portfolio here and connect with me on Instagram here.


What inspired you to enroll in the Aventive Academy courses?

I would say the urge for improvement. Things are always changing in business, and I’m passionate about learning and improving as a freelancer, so taking the courses felt like the right step for me.


emir kudic brand design example

A brand design example from Emir Kudic’s portfolio.


How have the courses helped you become a better freelance business owner?

The courses expanded my horizons and taught me concepts I hadn’t thought about before. I learned how (and why!) to spy on the competition, how to make proposals and contracts, what to put on my website, and other ways to improve myself.


What numbers have changed in your business since taking the Aventive Academy courses?

I ALMOST had a $10k month! The client paid two days later, so it wasn’t technically in one month, but it was still an amazing feeling.


Previously, I made around $3-4k per month, and through the courses I increased my monthly income by an additional $2-3k monthly. I sometime have bad months too, but that happens very rarely now.


kady sandle freelance course bundle


What is your process for finding and landing clients online?

I get all my clients through social media 🙂


What is something that you’re most proud of when it comes to your freelance career?

I’m proud that I wasn’t conservative with my career in general. I took risks, and now I can work for myself from any place in the world as I please – as long as there is an internet connection, of course!


What are some of your long-term goals?

I want to expand my services, become more efficient with web design, and potentially learn more marketing. My overall long-term goal is to open my own branding & marketing agency.


logo design emir kudic

A logo designed by Emir Kudic


What is your number one piece of advice for aspiring freelance graphic designers?

If design is something that interests you, you should pursue it and just work hard for it.


What concept from the courses would you suggest that every freelance graphic designer learn, and why?

For me, since I had already been freelancing for several years, the Level Up Kit was a super helpful course. It was full of useful tips and information, and I think that’s where designers can learn and improve the most.


What do you consider your most successful design project?

My most successful design project was for Grateful Life Skincare. I designed the full brand for the client including their logo, stationery, labels, packaging, colors, and fonts!


grateful life skincare

Brand design for Grateful Life Skincare


Where do you get your inspiration for your designs?

I get inspired by things I see on social media in general.


When you’re not designing, do you have a favorite free time activity you like to do?

At the moment, I definitely do! Previously, at the beginning of my freelance career, I was struggling with how to juggle too many design projects, and I couldn’t manage my time well. I am still not the best at time management, but I am improving!


Thank you Emir for being part of Aventive Academy! We appreciate you talking with us today, and we’re so thrilled that you increased your monthly income and have more work-life balance as a freelance graphic designer. Well done!