Discover New Ways to Diversify Your Income as a Designer - The Profitable Graphic Designer Podcast

Welcome to The Profitable Graphic Designer podcast, where I help designers build thriving businesses.

In episode #59, I discussed the importance of diversifying your income streams and explored different ways to create passive income and additional revenue streams as a brand, graphic or web designer.

As a designer myself, I knew firsthand the challenges of relying solely on client work and the benefits of exploring different income streams. That’s why I was excited to share my insights and expertise with you. Join me as we explore the different ways you can generate passive income, offer coaching or consulting services, explore speaking engagements, sell physical products featuring your designs, and more.


Listen to the episode here:

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You will learn:

  • The importance of diversifying your income streams as a brand, graphic or web designer
  • How to create passive income streams through digital products, affiliate marketing, and design templates
  • Additional revenue streams you can explore as a designer, including coaching or consulting services, speaking engagements, freelance platforms, and physical products
  • Tips for getting started with diversifying your income streams, including identifying your skills and expertise, choosing your income streams, creating your product or service, and promoting and refining your offering


Thanks for tuning in to The Profitable Graphic Designer, and I look forward to helping you build a more profitable and successful design business.

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