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Welcome to The Profitable Graphic Designer podcast!


Have you ever tried so hard to seem “professional” for your freelance clients that you no longer felt like yourself? Is your content feeling stagnant and boring?


In today’s episode, brand strategist & guest expert Destiny Washington sits down with Kady for an incredible conversation about how to let your authentic voice & personality shine through in your freelance design business!


Learn how to make more money by bringing your whole self to your design projects, and our top tips to build trust with your audience by embracing (and sharing!) your values & personality quirks.


By the end of this episode, you will feel inspired by your freelance business again and will know how to get more graphic design clients by being yourself.


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About Destiny:

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Destiny Washington is the founder and brand strategist of Laurice Creative. She specializes in building authentic mission-focused brands for arts non-profits.

Laurice Creative was born out of a necessity of creative freedom and unabashed belief in one’s own ability. Destiny proudly built this business with limited means and a larger vision – library cards and “digital nomad” moodboards.

After 3 years, she has built a thorough branding and social media strategy system that was created and fine-tuned working collaboratively with non-profit and creative-based clients. You can follow Destiny on Instagram at @lauricecreative.

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