Business Mastermind

For Designers

by Kady Sandel

Saturday July 30th & Sunday July 31st, 2022

Investment: $1,500 (next round will be $2,500)

Business Mastermind

For Designers

by Kady Sandel

freelance graphic designers working on paintings

The Aventive Academy Business Mastermind is an exclusive high-touch experience for freelance graphic, brand, and web designers who are looking to scale their business.

You don’t want to keep scrambling for one more logo this month, one more website, one more design project so you can sleep easy at night.

You know a clear outside perspective would help you break through to six figures.

You crave a supportive and business-savvy group of designers who can provide specific feedback and help you grow your design business.

You technically know how to charge more and raise your rates, but you’re struggling to close those $12k+ clients and could use some support.

Your business has seen some growth, but you’re ready for the next level and aren’t sure exactly what to do next.

There aren’t many places where graphic designers can speak freely about their creative and business struggles.

You have gotten some amazing design clients who see you as an expert, but you think your positioning could be even better (so you can charge more!)

And you simply want to get direct feedback about your business from people who have been there so you can grow faster.

That all changes in the Mastermind.

About the Mastermind


the mastermind

  • The Aventive Academy Business Mastermind is a live catalyst and incubator where ambitious women graphic designers, brand designers, and web designers meet for 2 days straight to overcome your freelance challenges and grow to your next level of business.
  • Throughout the Mastermind, you will be under the guidance of Kady Sandel – the founder of Aventive Academy who personally scaled her solo freelance graphic design business into a successful branding agency.
  • You will have a safe environment to ask Kady and other designers questions, get feedback, and share your business obstacles. Kady and your mastermind peers will offer solutions, questions, and ideas.
  • You will take bold action steps, hold each other accountable, and celebrate each other’s wins over our weekend together. You will develop business relationships (and friendships!) that result in future referrals and collaborations.
  • And most of all… you will move past any mental blocks and strategic missteps that have been holding you back.

It’s time for you to get dream clients. Ready to join us?

An Intimate and Positive

An Intimate
and Positive



We only have space for 4 designers in the mastermind group at a time.


  • Because once mastermind groups get larger than that, they lose their magic. Your personal challenges don’t receive the space and solutions they need.
  • By purposefully keeping our group small, we ensure that you get the 1:1 attention you deserve.
  • At the same time, the group is still big enough that you will be exposed to a diverse array of experiences from your mastermind peers!
  • In addition to solving your own problems, you get to give back and be an active part of helping other designers sign higher-ticket clients and hit $10k months.



Academy Business Mastermind Benefits

You don’t want a cookie-cutter business. So what good is cookie-cutter advice?

You started and grew your entire freelance business from scratch, and now you need something more than the information you can find in yet another book or Instagram post.

You need real-life brains focused on your real-life problems.

You need people in your industry who can see your business from an outside perspective and point out the things you can’t see for yourself.

Synergy is the

secret sauce that makes a good mastermind work.

  • Together with your mastermind peers, you will empower each other, find solutions, gain confidence, and lean on your own wisdom.
  • You will brainstorm. You will encourage. You will crush your goals. You will develop new habits that take you to your next level.
  • And you will learn along the way that you’re already much more of an expert than you give yourself credit for.

Meet your Facilitator

Hi! My name is Kady

Sandel, and I’m the founder of Aventive Academy.

I started out as an underpaid freelance graphic designer who was always scrambling to get one more client and pay my bills for the month.

I remember seeing other designers on Instagram talking about their high-end lifestyles and high-ticket clients, and it frustrated me so much.

Around that time, I started attending mastermind groups and they cracked my business wide open. Through masterminding, I was able to see my graphic design business from an outside perspective for the first time. I could clearly perceive why clients didn't see me as an expert -- and more importantly: what I needed to do about it.

In the Aventive Academy Business Mastermind I will walk you through the process of figuring out your real challenges. You will work with the power of the group to brainstorm solutions, move forward, and attract more high-paying clients.


What you get

  • Group calls with Kady and your mastermind peers (3 other graphic, brand or web designers)
  • We’ll meet over 2 days, and each call will be about 4 hours
  • Calls will be held over Zoom, on July 30th and 31st, 9am – 1pm CST.
  • Lifetime access to The Profitable Designer Program and our exclusive online community of freelance designers
  • Workbooks to brainstorm and do your homework after the calls (action creates clarity!)
  • You’ll have a to-do list with action steps that work and will help you get to the next level
  • A certificate of completion that you can use on your website

*Already in the Profitable Designer Program? We will subtract what you paid for the Program from the cost of the mastermind – a huge savings for you!


who is this for?

Our members of the Aventive Academy Business Mastermind share these characteristics:

  • You’re a freelance brand, graphic or web designer who has a freelance business.
  • You have had paying clients in the past year, but you still aren’t cracking the consistent income goals you desire.
  • You want to stop offering cheap one-off designs and start getting high-paying clients.
  • You have $1,500 to invest in your business growth.
  • You can show up for live calls 2 days in a row, on July 30th and July 31st from 9 am to 1 pm US Central Time.
  • You know that you’re capable of getting bigger clients, hitting six figures in your design business, and changing the world as an industry leader.
  • You’re enthusiastic about both receiving and giving support to the Mastermind group.
  • You’re open to feedback and to taking steps outside your comfort zone.

Does that sound like you? Apply for the next round of the Mastermind here: