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with Kady Sandel


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how to...

Find high-paying design clients, scale your biz, and make consistent $10k months as a creative entrepreneur?

Let me teach you the things you
didn’t learn in design school:
The business of design!

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  • If you're not making enough money, don’t know how to grow your team, or aren’t landing the dream clients you want to work with – that’s okay. We’ve all been there. I know the feeling of being stuck!
  • I know how it is to create a website for your design business, post on social media, network, and do all the things you’re supposed to do, but for some reason those five-figure clients still seem out of reach…
  • After working with 250+ design clients, I cracked the code and am walking you through the proven path to get high-ticket clients and grow your design business to become profitable and enjoyable.
  • In our 9-week High-Ticket Client Mastermind, you will have personalized weekly support from me and a tight-knit group of freelance designers to help you hit $10k months and say goodbye to burnout for good.



Are you ready to sign $10k+ clients, scale your design business, and finally enjoy being a creative business owner – without burning out or secretly scrolling through 9-5 job listings as a backup plan?

  • You don’t want to keep scrambling for one more logo this month, one more website, one more illustration, one more small random design project…
  • You have gotten some design clients, but you don’t know how and where to find those $10k clients that (you hear…) other designers are getting.
  • You know you should charge more and raise your rates, but you’re struggling to figure out how to structure your $10k offer and attract larger clients
  • You crave a supportive and business-savvy group of creatives who can provide feedback to YOUR specific problems over several months together
  • Your design business has seen some growth, but you’re ready for the next level and aren’t sure exactly what to do next. You’re tired of figuring it all out on your own
  • You know a clear outside perspective would help you break through to six figures or even multiple six figures consistently!

That’s what the High-Ticket Client Mastermind is for.

Our students

Claudia Astorino



“I felt confused before taking Aventive’s lessons. They helped me develop a better vision of what I want for my agency. I was able to quickly apply some concepts like setting my goals, naming my agency, and learning how to find clients.”

Kristan McArthur



“Before discovering these courses, I felt like I hit a brick wall and was at a dead-end in my design career. It was like Kady read my mind and offered exactly what I needed to achieve future success for my graphic design business.”

dynia grille headshot

Dynia Grille



“Save yourself the time of reading 50 different business books! Just pay attention to this course and you will learn more. Aventive Academy talks about design as a business: specialized, concrete and very comprehensive.”

What's Inside?

What is the

High-Ticket Client Mastermind?

  • The High-Ticket Client Mastermind is a live catalyst and incubator where ambitious women graphic designers, brand designers, and web designers meet over 9 weeks to help each other grow their creative agencies.
  • As a group, we will help you overcome YOUR specific business challenges and grow to YOUR next level of business.
  • Throughout the Mastermind, you will be under the guidance of Kady Sandel – the founder of Aventive Academy who personally scaled her solo freelance graphic design business into a successful branding agency booking $12k, $15k, $18k+ clients.
  • You will have a safe environment to ask Kady and other designers questions, get feedback, and share your SPECIFIC business obstacles. Kady and your Mastermind peers will offer solutions, ideas, and results.
  • And most of all… you will move past the mental blocks and strategic missteps that have been holding you back, and finally start getting high-ticket design clients so you can have the freedom and flexibility you’ve always wanted.
  • It’s time for you to scale your business. If you have been wanting to study privately with Kady – this is your chance!


Ready to join us?

Is the high-ticket

Client mastermind for you?

Client mastermind for you?


You are...

You’re a brand designer, graphic designer, or web designer who has (or would like to have) a profitable design business.


You want...

You want to get better projects & learn where to find high-paying ($10k+) clients while doing what you love!


You have...

You have had paying clients in the past year, but you still aren’t cracking the consistent income goals you desire.


You want...

You want to stop offering cheap one-off designs and start signing $10k+ clients.


You know...

You know that you’re capable of getting bigger clients, hitting six figures in your design business, and changing the world as an industry leader.


You are...

You’re enthusiastic about both receiving and giving support to other designers with similar goals, and you are open to taking steps outside of your comfort zone.

You’re tired of struggling on your own. You’re ready to stop working 24/7 and start owning your place as a high-end designer worthy of big clients.

Does that sound like you?

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When you join us..



weekly calls

- over 9 weeks -

During our weekly Mastermind calls, we’ll brainstorm, make action plans, and have Q&A sessions. We all focus on your business, correct what’s not working, and help you make a plan to get to $10k months in your design business.


The Profitable
Program ($997)

- lifetime access -

In my signature self-paced program, you’ll get access to 12 modules that will help you set up your business for success. This program has everything you need to book dream design projects, land $12k+ clients easily, and make more money. You receive full lifetime access to this program when you join the mastermind.



Designer Community

- lifetime access -

You will get access to a private platform of web, brand, and graphic designers who will help you get unstuck and move forward faster! When we're not on calls, this community is where you can ask any questions that come up in your business.


1-to-1 Call with
Kady Sandel

- after the mastermind -

Once the program is over, you’ll get to schedule a 1-to-1 call with Kady Sandel. She will go over your progress over the past 9 weeks and suggest the next steps to uplevel your business and consistently book the high-ticket design clients you want!

The Profitable Designer Podcast - Kady Sandel


Bonuses &

- downloadable pdfs -

Yep – we added in some value-packed bonuses to help you grow your business faster! These super-actionable resources give you everything you need to bring your business to life.
*Extra bonuses are included when you pay in full.

If you are already enrolled in The Profitable
Designer Program, you’ll get a discount.
Email us: hi@aventiveacademy.com

Have you seen my

reel that went viral?

It got over 78,000 views, likes, comments, and saves! And all I did was share some real images from my proposals so designers can see how much I charge.


Let me show you how to get these results in
your design business too!


Your Facilitator

Hi! My name is Kady

Sandel, and I’m a brand designer and business coach.

I started out as an underpaid freelance graphic designer ($65 for a logo, lol) who was always scrambling to get one more client and pay my bills for the month.

Now I run a profitable branding agency in Austin, Texas and get to work on dream high-paying projects ($15-20k). I also finally have the freedom I always wanted from my business: the freedom to spend time with my family, work wherever I want, travel whenever I want, and never worry about burning out.

In the High-Ticket Client Mastermind I will walk you through the process of figuring out what YOU need to do to get to your business & lifestyle goals. You will work with the power of the group to brainstorm solutions, move forward, and attract more high-paying clients.

You are capable of signing consistent $10k clients, hitting your financial goals, hiring others, and growing your design business. You just need a little bit of a support from someone who has done it! Don’t waste your time trying to do it all alone. I already wasted mine for you 🙂


An Intimate and Positive

Business-Building Experience

We have space for 20 designers in the
Mastermind at a time. Then, during the
masterminding portion of our weekly calls,
we split the group into smaller mini-groups
of 3-5 designers.


Because once mastermind groups get
larger than that, they lose their magic.
Your personal challenges don’t receive the space and solutions they need.

By keeping our mini-groups small on
purpose, we ensure that you get the 1:1 attention you deserve during our weekly calls & hot-seat coaching.

At the same time, the group is big enough that you will be exposed to a
diverse set of challenges, ideas, and
experiences from your Mastermind peers (who will soon be your business BFFs!)

In addition to solving your own problems, you get to give back and be an active part of helping other designers sign
higher-ticket clients and hit $10k months.

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Apply for the next round of the Mastermind here:

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Designers and

Designers and illustrators

in our previous Mastermind rounds have:

  • Raised their rates to hit their income goals
  • Restructured their entire design businesses
  • Made clear action plans & steps (no more wishing and hoping!)
  • Created focused & personalized marketing strategies
  • Figured out what social media platforms to use (and which to stop using)
  • Learned how to communicate with and sell to high-ticket clients
  • Revamped their offers, pricing, and packages
  • Improved their websites to attract & convert their dream clients
  • Developed amazing case studies and portfolios
  • And much more!

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear it directly from them!

Things we'll cover

During our 9 weeks together:



I’m not asking you to be woo-woo. I just know that if you think you can’t get high-paying clients, your actions will match that, and you won’t be able to get them. Let me convince you that you can build a profitable design business!



There are so many designers out there, and it’s hard to stand out. We’ll guide you through positioning, messaging, and figuring out who your clients are, where they hang out, and what actions you need to take to get them! We’ll also help you improve your proposals so clients never “ghost” you again.



You know that you should be charging more. I am not a better designer than you are, yet I charge more than you – that's just proof that you can do it too! Let’s raise your rates, create your $10k offer together, and finally embrace the value of your work.



We’ll go through your visuals & set up your website to convert new traffic into paying clients – like we will go page by page through your entire site. Pluuuus we’ll completely revamp your portfolio so you stop questioning whether it’s good enough. Let’s make it good!



You will learn the details of HOW to get visible on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn (both organically and paid!). I’ll share my top strategy for letting clients find YOU so you don’t have to chase them, and we also cover how to get referrals.



Should you blog, go to networking events, post on Instagram, connect with people on LinkedIn, or do something else? Let’s nail your marketing strategy down so you stop wasting your time and start focusing on the things that will bring in high-ticket clients.



How can you hire someone if you're not even making enough money for yourself? Like what are you talking about? I know that feeling. Well, it’s possible to boost your sales using my proven strategy (I say proven because I’ve done it and it works!) and then outsource more of your work while keeping the profit.



I know, I know. You hate sales calls! But I have a sales call formula for you. I still open this document (and read it out loud 😊) every time I speak to a new potential client! I will show you how to conduct sales calls like a pro – from structuring the call to handling objections to closing the deal.



+ and these VIP bonuses (if paid in full):

SEO & Profitable Blogging
Get Your Dream Client Blueprint

+ YOU GET These


Shape 5 copy 7
  1. Professional Agency Email Templates
  2. Content & Social Media Planner
  3. Developing an eBook for Passive Income
  4. How to Grow Your Email List
  5. Grow Your Business with Melinda Livsey
  6. Growth Tracker & Organizer


Our students

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Anuhea Ramsey


“The Freelance Level Up Kit made me think about things that are so important for growing my business! For example, the “Specializing as a Freelancer” video made me rethink my niche and realize that I need to niche down even more.”

dynia grille headshot

Dynia Grille


“Unfortunately the business of design is rarely addressed in school, and many books that talk about business don’t necessarily focus on designers. So finding all of these teachings in Aventive Academy was very helpful for me.”

How much is the High-Ticket Client

Mastermind? Not as much as your future high-ticket clients!

Payment Plan

3 Monthly Payments of


  • Weekly Mastermind Calls
  • 1-to-1 Call with Kady Sandel
  • The Profitable Designer Program
  • Exclusive Designer Community
  • Bonuses & Workbooks

Best Value

Pay in full

One Payment of


  • Weekly Mastermind Calls
  • 1-to-1 Call with Kady Sandel
  • The Profitable Designer Program
  • Exclusive Designer Community
  • Bonuses & Workbooks


VIP Bonus 1

SEO & Profitable Blogging ($199)

VIP Bonus 2

Get Your Dream Client Blueprint ($567)

Already enrolled in The Profitable Designer Program?
Email us at hi@aventiveacademy.com for your exclusive discount!

How to Join the

High-Ticket Client Mastermind:

How to Join the High-Ticket
Client Mastermind:

out form

Fill out our application form – we can’t wait to learn about you and your design biz!

We Review Application

Our team will review your application and get back to you with the next steps.


We’ll organize an optional private call (for applicants only) to answer any questions you may have.


Pay to officially reserve your spot (limited number!). Once your payment is in, you get access to the Profitable Designer Program, the private designer community, and our Zoom URL for the Mastermind calls.

It’s not all about the money,

but… more $$$$ gives you:

Time for your family and friends

A flexible schedule

A healthy and fulfilling lifestyle

The freedom you’ve dreamt of

Fancier shoes, clothing, and dinners

(fill in the blank – only you know what you would do with more money in your bank account)


One more thing!

I’m not offering you a miracle cure to work
2 hours a week and build a 7-figure design business in a month.

It takes time to build a sustainable business. It’s not an overnight thing. But I’m giving you and your Mastermind partners the real, proven strategies that you can use to sign high-paying clients and build a profitable design business, just like I did.

Ready to join us?

Not sure if the High-Ticket Client Mastermind is for you?

Not sure if the High-Ticket Client Mastermind is for you?

Send us an email with your questions to
hi@aventiveacademy.com or read the FAQs below.