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At Aventive Academy, we teach proven methods and strategies to help you become the CEO of your own graphic design company. No matter how much previous business experience you have, you are capable of building a profitable and fulfilling freelance business.

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Not being able to find clients.

You want to consistently bring in design clients and income every month so it doesn’t feel like you’re on a roller coaster!

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You want to support yourself and live comfortably, stress-free, and without worrying about paying your bills!


Organizing your business.

You’re not sure how much to charge for your services, how to manage client expectations, and if your marketing efforts are even working.

Stopping yourself.

You might be shy, have social anxiety, compare yourself with other designers, and feel insecure about your work and talents.


Not having enough time.

Maybe you have a 9-5 and are trying to build your business on the side, which includes organizing your finances, invoicing, project management, to-do lists… sounds like a lot!

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Imagine being booked out 3 months in advance. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a constant flow of work with the types of projects you love -- that also pay what you're worth?

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Learn how to successfully get your name out there and become recognized for your skills. You can have respectful and inspiring collaborations with your clients that create a better world.

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And only during the hours that work best for you! Build your confidence and collaborate with a supportive network of designers who are helping each other succeed.

Feel energized and fulfilled when you wake up every morning! Know with complete certainty that you are using your creative talents, living your dreams, and being paid well for it every day.

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Hey there!

My name is Kady Sandel,

and I’m the CEO of Aventive Academy.

I left my home when I was 15 to study graphic design.. A few years later, after finishing my studies at the prestigious Academy of Arts in Serbia, I took a leap and moved to the US to pursue my dreams of becoming a professional designer.

In the first few years of running my freelance design business, I made just about every mistake in the book. But I also experienced incredible success, and those ups and downs helped me crack the code on what graphic designers really need to do to become successful.

I developed a passion for helping creatives grow their freelance graphic design businesses just like I did, which is how Aventive Academy was born. I’m looking forward to helping you make more money, work less hours, and work on design projects that light you up!






Las Vegas

Quick Freelance Timeline

Quick Freelance

My work was paying off

I moved to Las Vegas and got an opportunity to work for a signs and printing company. This was my first graphic design job, and I was so excited to start my design career.

Worked for $11/h for the same company

The work was fine, but I was already tired of the 8am-5pm lifestyle, plus I didn’t have the freedom to experiment and be creative. I started building my own website on the side. Later that year I landed my first freelance client, quit my job after 9 months, and got a couple of more clients.

Started my freelance career

This year I was focused on growing my graphic design business. I posted on social media, went to networking events, tried paid ads, posted on Craigslist – everything! I didn’t charge enough, and I was crazy busy with things that weren’t bringing results. It was all trial and error.I was less happy than when I worked for someone else. Some months I made $300, some months I made $3,000, and it wasn’t consistent at all.

Doubled my pricing, and my client was on Shark Tank

I moved to Austin in January and did some market research that led to doubling my prices and being active on LinkedIn.I had my first $9,500 month – which was crazy and unbelievable to me! And I was not busy at all. Suddenly I had more money and more time. I started outsourcing and hired a writer and a web developer. I also landed a big client that ended up being on Shark Tank and is now a multi-million dollar company.

My work was paying off

Even though I was busier than I wanted, I got some amazing recognitions this year. I was named Entrepreneur of the Year by BONG (it’s not what you think 😊 it stands for Business Owner Networking Group). I was a speaker at the freelance conference at the Microsoft Headquarters here in Austin. I did a lot of business presentations, hired a graphic and web designer, and outsourced a lot of writing, editing, and proofreading

Became an author and course creator

I published my first book, BrandFix, that was a #1 new release on Amazon and became an online course. This year I attended a mastermind and hired a marketing company to help me niche down and be more intentional about who I wanted to work with. I had some huuuge clients - the total of one project was close to $250,000! I continued to outsource everything I could. In November, I registered the Aventive Academy domain.

Founded Aventive Academy

I’m still not sure what to think about 2020. I had a baby girl in February, then COVID-19 hit Texas in March, our Europe flights in July got canceled, and my 30th birthday in September couldn’t be celebrated in Las Vegas the way I wanted 😊
But on the business side: Aventive Academy started after I saw that so many graphic designers struggle with growing their businesses. I started building a community and sharing everything graphic designers need to do to ditch the 9-5 and become successful business owners -- the proven ways that worked for my business and will work for you too!

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Have you ever signed up for an online course and been excited to dive in… until you realized it had 105 modules, 14 scattered bonuses, and never-ending video content that was not going to work with your busy schedule?

That will never happen at Aventive Academy. We refuse to add fluff just for the sake of making our courses look longer – all of our content is actionable, straight to the point, and created to help you see results.

Or have you ever taken an online class expecting to learn practical steps to grow your business… and instead, you received a bunch of airy platitudes about believing in yourself and improving your mindset?

That won’t happen here either. We do cover topics like confidence, imposter syndrome, and valuing your talents, but your success lies in the strategic action steps you take. We cover those action steps in Aventive Academy.

Aventive Academy offers a variety of course options to meet you where you are: whether you’re just starting your design business or looking to grow your freelance business.

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Find actionable ideas on how to start and grow your freelance graphic design business on the Aventive Academy blog!

Find actionable ideas on how to start and grow your
freelance business on the Aventive Academy blog!


Community for Women

Community for

In our free Aventive Academy Facebook community, you can expand your circle and make friends with fellow women who are designing the lives and businesses of their dreams!

This community is open to all women graphic designers who are looking to start or grow their freelance businesses. You can use the Facebook group as a positive place to ask questions, make friends with likeminded women, and cheer each other on as you reach your income goals.