The Profitable Graphic Designer

A podcast to help graphic designers grow their businesses, get more clients, and hit $10k (and beyond) months. Featuring real-life stories and real-world results.

Hosted by Kady Sandel

Kady Sandel
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Kady Sandel

Hey there!

About Kady Sandel,

Host of The Profitable Graphic Designer and CEO of Aventive Academy

I left my home when I was 15 to study graphic design. A few years later, after finishing my studies at the prestigious Academy of Arts in Serbia, I took a leap and moved to the US to pursue my dreams of
becoming a professional designer.

In the first few years of running my freelance design business, I made just about every mistake in the book. But I also experienced incredible success, and those ups and downs helped me crack the code on what graphic designers really need to do to become successful.

I developed a passion for helping creatives grow their graphic design businesses just like I did, which is how Aventive Academy and The Profitable Graphic Designer podcast were born. I’m looking forward to helping you make more money, work less hours, and work on design projects that light you up!