Starter Kit

Launch your graphic design business, land your first clients, and work from anywhere!

You have seen other
successful design
freelancers, and
you’ve wondered
how to:

  • Start your freelance career and launch a profitable design business
  • Write proposals that convert clients into paying customers
  • Set up the right pricing that will actually make people buy from you
  • Create an amazing portfolio that impresses your potential clients
  • Stand out from competitors and be the go-to designer in your field
  • Actually get clients and make money freelancing!

And now imagine if you could:

And now imagine if
you could:


Have a well-organized graphic design business.

Your calls, proposals, systems, invoices & portfolio can all feel streamlined and easy!


Get paid what you're worth

You can do what you love and increase your income at the same time – it’s a dream come true!


Work whenever you want. Really.

You make all the rules! Not to mention work from anywhere like your home, the beach, Bali, Greece…


Be seen as an expert

You can become the go-to graphic designer in your niche with a steady flow of loyal clients!

Our students

Matilda Nilsson B&W

Matilda Nilsson


“I was able to apply everything I learned in the course. Literally everything. There is nothing that I didn’t really need. The lessons are the perfect length: you can do them on your own pace, they aren’t long, and it’s easy to stay focused.”


We created the Freelance Starter Kit to give you the complete step-by-step system that will turn your passion into your business!

Hey there!

Hi! My name is Kady, and I’ll be your teacher in this course.

I haven’t always had a successful business. When I started my freelance graphic design career, I still had a 9-5 job and didn’t know anything about online business.

I was working all the time, and I tried everything you can possibly imagine. I was constantly improving my design skills, posting on Instagram, trying Facebook ads, going to networking events… but nothing was working.

Today, my once-struggling freelance business is a successful design studio. Based on the knowledge I gained along the way, I developed a system to show you how to be successful as well. Everything I learned in those years is now a proven strategy that I’m sharing with you in just a few hours!

We want you to succeed!

We want you to

Time is the most precious resource you have, and once you waste it, you can’t get it back. We will show you which strategies actually work and how to do them right the first time.

The Freelance Starter Kit is a step-by-step program that will teach you the exact methods to go from working for someone else to becoming the CEO of your own graphic design company!

At the beginning of my freelance career, my vision was simple:
I just wanted to create a profitable design business and have amazing clients, consistent income, and the flexibility of being my own boss. I wanted to set my own hours and work from anywhere. I wanted to sleep soundly at night without panicking about money or client issues.

Does this sound like you too?

Our students

Claudia Astorino

Claudia Astorino


“I finally feel comfortable and more confident with my ideas, where before I felt lost and confused. I love the ‘personal experience’ tips. Thanks to the Bundle, I had a major insight into why I wanted to start my business, and I feel super motivated!”


Mary Mangus



“The course content is succinct and direct – I appreciate that there isn’t a bunch of filler. Everything Kady speaks about is informative, relevant, and helpful. The lessons are clearly stated and in an easy-to-understand way.”


Matilda Nilsson


“Aventive Academy helped me to see how every obstacle is an opportunity to learn something. I am not the best designer, but the content and courses helped me understand that it’s okay and that I will be improving over time.”

What's Inside?

The Freelance

Starter Kit Is full of the lessons and strategies I used to start my graphic design business

I started as a one-woman freelance graphic designer, and from there I built a lucrative branding business that allowed me to take on amazing projects, collaborate with clients around the world, and work from wherever I wanted.

In this online

course you will learn

What to include in your proposals, invoices, and contracts to get paid every time!

How to plan and organize your graphic design business like a professional

How to find your ideal freelance clients and communicate with them effectively

The exact elements you need on your website to convert visitors into paying customers

What social media platforms to focus on as a graphic designer

How to stand out from other designers and become a well-paid expert

If you’re starting a graphic design business or you have a business that is 1-2 years old, the Freelance Starter Kit is for you.

The course will show you how to lay a strong foundation, become a more savvy and strategic entrepreneur, and focus on the actions that will help you sign more clients and make a name for yourself in your industry.

You can play and pause each of the

You can play and pause
each of the

Freelance Starter Kit video lessons at
your own pace!

The included workbooks and bonus materials will help you implement these strategies into your business fast. Here’s what you will learn in each module:



Getting Started on Your graphic design Business

  • Overcome imposter syndrome so you can feel motivated and confident
  • Set up your workspace and routines for freelance success
  • Discover where your purpose, creative talents, and profits meet


Your Business Plan & Brand Strategy

  • Find the secret sauce that will make clients choose you over the competition
  • Learn who exactly your ideal clients are and where you can find them!
  • Decide if a personal brand or business brand is right for you
  • Use our easy templates to create an amazing business and brand plan


Proposals, Invoicing, Contracts & Legal Paperwork

  • Set up the bank accounts, licenses, and taxes for your graphic design business
  • Craft irresistible proposals and invoices that your clients say yes to
  • Establish your client contracts using our cheat sheets and software recommendations


Pricing Your Design Services

  • Should you offer packages, hourly rates, project pricing, or something else? Discover which method will work best and get you paid
  • Set your pricing and confidently share your freelance rates with clients
  • Learn when and how to raise your prices with ease


Branding, Website & Portfolio

  • Build a portfolio that stands on its own, attracts clients, and makes them want to hire YOU!
  • Create the visual brand, colors, fonts, and logo for your design business
  • Set up your website to convert new traffic into paying clients
  • Interpret your website analytics, search results, and more with our tech lesson


Getting Your First Clients

  • Get visible on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn (both organically and paid!)
  • Stop chasing clients and let them find you by improving your SEO
  • Get referrals from networking events without feeling sleazy
  • Best practices for speaking with, onboarding, and signing new clients

You GET lifetime access to all the

lessons and materials so you can revisit
them any time.

You GET lifetime access to all the lessons and materials so you can revisit them any time.

Because this is a self-paced program, the modules are easy to fit into your schedule.

Plus you can interact with likeminded women graphic designers in our Facebook community for even more support!

Bonuses here! - $997 value

Yep – we added in some value-packed bonuses to help you get your graphic design business off the ground faster! These super-actionable resources give you everything you need to bring your business to life.

*Extra bonus is included when you pay in full!



10 Done-For-You Email Templates! - $299 value

  • Email your clients, referrals, and cold leads without feeling weird! Just copy and paste from our templates
  • Need a review? Use our email swipe copy to ask for one!
  • Want to start a DM conversation on LinkedIn or Instagram? This bonus will show you how!



Business Growth Tracker - $129 value

  • Track your business-building actions to see what’s really working

  • Stay focused on what’s truly important with our monthly checklist

  • Make sure you are getting clients and moving in the right direction!


VIP Bonus*

How to Create a Profitable Blog - $569 value

  • Stop hunting for clients – create an unforgettable blog so they can come to you!
  • Structure your blog posts so clients will read, engage, and buy
  • Monetize your blog with our easy step-by-step tips

*Pay in full to receive this VIP bonus

Our students

Mary Mangus

Mary Mangus



“The Freelance Starter Kit is packed full of valuable information! It helped me understand the issues that can come up when starting a business and taught me how to approach them strategically. I love the personal life experience that Kady injects into it.”

Claudia Astorino

Claudia Astorino


“I was able to quickly apply some concepts like setting my goals, naming my agency, and learning how to find clients. I felt confused before starting the Freelance Starter Kit, and it helped me develop a better vision of what I want for my agency.”

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starter kit

Launch Your Graphic Design Business


One time payment $1,394

  • Getting Started on Your Graphic Design Business
  • Your Business Plan & Brand Strategy
  • Proposals, Invoicing, Contracts & Legal Paperwork
  • Pricing Your Design Services
  • Your Portfolio, Branding and Website
  • Getting Your First Clients



10 Done-For-You Email Templates!


Business Growth Tracker

VIP Bonus*

How to Create a Profitable Blog

*Pay in full to receive this
VIP BONUS ($569 value)



The Money-Making
Freelance Bundle

Everything You Need

Freelance Starter Kit + Freelance Level Up Kit


One time payment $3,750

  • Getting Started on Your Graphic Design Business
  • Your Business Plan & Brand Strategy
  • Proposals, Invoicing, Contracts & Legal Paperwork
  • Pricing Your Design Services
  • Your Portfolio, Branding and Website
  • Getting Your First Clients
  • Business Growth Essentials for Graphic Designers
  • Finding Your Niche & Becoming an Expert
  • Content Marketing
  • Outreach and Direct Promotion
  • Building Your Credibility
  • Selling Your Services



10 Done-For-You Email Templates!


Business Growth Tracker


Automated Email Sequence Template


Content & Social Media Planner


How to Outline a Passive Income Ebook


Grow Your Business with Melinda Livsey

VIP Bonus#1*

How to Create a Profitable Blog

VIP Bonus#2*

Exclusive Designer Community

*Pay in full to receive these
VIP BONUSES ($1,368 value)

Our students


Mary Mangus



“My biggest struggle with freelancing has been simply starting, but Aventive Academy has given me a huge boost of confidence. It made me realize that discovering my brand’s purpose and vision will set up a solid foundation to run a successful business.”

Why Choose the Freelance Starter Kit?

We created the Freelance Starter Kit to show you exactly how to start your graphic design business!

Rather than Googling everything and slowly inching towards your dreams of freedom, this course will give you the motivation, knowledge, and tools you need to hit the ground running and start your freelance design business.

We have included everything you need to go from “I want to start a business” to “Wow, the groundwork of my business is set and I already have my first client!”

After you complete

the course you will know…

What pricing model is best for your business, goals, and lifestyle

How to track your finances, project management, and client communications

The value of your design work (goodbye insecurity and imposter syndrome!)

How to create your website and position your social media pages to be the go-to graphic designer

Exactly how to land and impress your first paying freelance client – and how to do that repeatedly!


Get Certified

When you finish our courses, you will receive an exclusive Aventive Academy certification, diploma, and badge to put on your website!

Our certification indicates that you completed our business school and obtained expert knowledge in how to start and grow a freelance graphic design business. This certification will help you demonstrate your business skills to potential clients and gain a competitive advantage over other freelancers.

You can list the certification on your website, About page, portfolio, CV, or resume to build professional credibility and increase your earning potential. We’re proud of our Aventive Academy graduates and look forward to celebrating your future success!

This course is
for you if ...

  • You want to start freelancing but don’t know how.
  • You have no idea what steps to take to start a successful design business.
  • You want to lay your business groundwork so you can jump ship from your 9-5.
  • You feel stuck and overwhelmed by all the information you’ve found on Google.
  • You are ready to invest in your future!

This course is not
for you if ...

  • You’re not willing to put effort into building your freelance design business.
  • You’re looking for an overnight success or get-rich-quick scheme.
  • You have a product-based business.
  • You already have an established and successful business.

Hey there!

Hi! My name is Kady,

and I’ll be guiding you through the Freelance Starter Kit.

I’m the founder of Aventive Academy, a platform that helps you start and grow your freelance graphic design business.

I built my branding agency on the side while still juggling a 9-5, and now I want to teach you how to do the same based on the proven strategies I used!

I’m happy you’re here and can’t wait to see you inside the course! By the time you’re done, I know you will be so happy and proud that you invested in yourself and created the business of your dreams.

Money Back Guarantee

Money Back

Still not sure if the Freelance Starter Kit is right for you? Aventive Academy offers a risk-free 14-day money back guarantee. If you’re not 100% satisfied with the course in the first 14 days, just let us know and you will get your money back per our policy!

Our students

Claudia Astorino

Claudia Astorino


“The length of the lessons are perfect -- I can easily focus on the course daily after work or during a lunch break! Plus, the lesson about business goals gave me the opportunity to figure out what I really what from my agency.”

Mary Mangus

Mary Mangus



“I’ve been able to look at my current business structure and realize all the gaps I need to fill. I started freelancing on a whim and didn’t think I needed to go through the backend of my business, but now I understand the importance of the basics.”


Why wait another year to get

your freelance business off the ground?

Why keep scrolling through the lives of successful designers… and scrolling… and scrolling… and wishing you could do what they did? Why not just show up, take a chance on yourself, follow our action steps, and create the future you want?

A part of you already knows that watching 70 more YouTube videos won’t help you build your graphic design business. Googling for answers will only leave you feeling more lost.

Now is your chance to start a successful business. The Freelance Starter Kit will get you there.

Let’s go!