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Kady Sandel

Consistently attract top clients and maximize your design agency income in just 5 months.


Wondering how to...

Consistently find high-paying design clients, build your dream team, and finally take your business to the next level as a creative entrepreneur?

Let me teach you the things nobody talks about:
Building a profitable design agency without employees or a massive team!

    You’re getting clients… but they’re not exactly your dream $10k+ clients. Something is off, and you’re not sure if it’s your marketing, messaging, positioning, or something else. You’re ready to stop chasing high-ticket clients and start attracting them instead!
    You’re still running your business like a freelancer. You don’t have enough profit to pay yourself the amount you desire, and your business doesn’t have the money to invest into ads, a team, maybe an office space, or cool industry conferences you could attend.
    You have your own website. You attend networking events. You blog. You post on Instagram. You connect with people on LinkedIn… You do EVERYTHING, but you’re still not getting the qualified leads you want, and your business is stuck in the same spot.
    You are mostly doing it all by yourself, or with the small help of one person. You are constantly busy but still not growing. You have barely any time for yourself, your family, and your friends, and you’re even experiencing some burnout.
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Just imagine…

Group 143

Getting consistent inquiries from dream clients who can afford to pay you.

Group 144

Making $10k, $15k, or $20k a month without chasing clients and working 24/7.

Group 145

Raising your rates with every new project that comes your way.

Group 146

Taking a month or two off at a time without worrying about your biz.

Group 147

Never scrambling for one more logo this month, one more website, one more brand…

Group 148

Building a profitable design business that others apply to work for.

Group 149

Finally having the time for hobbies, travel, and side projects.

Group 150

Or just going for a walk or to a nail salon in the middle of the day! Because #whynot


I know this is possible because that’s exactly how I live now, and I didn’t get here by magic! I will help you with the strategy, actions, & tools to get your design business to this point too.

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kristan redid contracts ig
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Kady Sandel

Time for change?

You’re way beyond the freelance

level… so why are you still running your business like a freelancer?!

You’re way beyond the

freelance level… so why are you still running your business like a freelancer?!

I remember how thrilled I was to hit my first $3k, $5k, and even $9k month in my graphic design business. I went out to dinner, I told my friends, I stared at my PayPal to make sure those numbers were real...

But despite these milestones, I knew I couldn’t keep going for much longer. I was working constantly and on a one-way road to burnout.

I couldn’t do another 14-hour day in front of my laptop. I didn’t want to miss another girls night because I had 3 frantic client deadlines all converging on Friday.

I didn’t want to wake up on the first of the month and start at zero again, scrambling for my next client, not sure where the money was coming from, attending networking events 4x per week…

Something had to change.

If you are not making enough money, don’t know how to grow your team, or aren’t consistently landing the $15k+ clients you want to work with – that’s what this program is all about!

Now, my life and business look completely different than they did back then. After working with 250+ design clients, I cracked the code of stepping into my power as a CEO and building a profitable design agency without working 24/7.

In The Creative CEO, I am walking you through the proven path to scale to $100k (and beyond!), get amazing clients, delegate your work, and scale your business into an agency (without employees!) so life becomes profitable and enjoyable.





You don’t need another free workshop, another free YouTube video, or another free podcast episode. It’s time to stop DIYing it and doing everything alone!

Our students

sarah goodell headshot



“Kady’s coaching has turned my business around. My messaging is on point, my portfolio is amazing, and I am starting to get the caliber of clients that I have dreamt of for years! I know that things will only continue to improve, and I have Aventive Academy and the amazing Mastermind to thank!”

Farrah Dodson - Aventive Academy Student



"Since taking the Aventive Academy courses I have DOUBLED my prices and gained so much more confidence in myself and my business. I've just recently launched my rebranded business, but I'm already getting more leads than ever before because I am running my marketing in the right way and communicating my value to potential clients."

Renata McElvany headshot

Renata McElvany



"Through the Mastermind, I found lots of clarity on where to take my business next! It was so helpful to be surrounded by other creatives who have different experiences and ideas. I asked the group so many business questions that I wasn’t finding great answers to online. Being part of a creative community is always worth the money!"




with Kady Sandel

The Creative CEO is a live incubator where ambitious
& established graphic, brand, and web designers, as well as creative & art directors, meet over 5 months to help each other grow their creative agencies.

The Creative CEO is a live incubator where ambitious & established graphic, brand, and web designers, as well as creative & art directors, meet over 5 months to help each other grow their creative agencies.

Throughout the coaching & mastermind experience you will learn how to consistently book high-ticket clients, get to $20k months, and work less hours while making your business SIMPLE & SUSTAINABLE!

Kady Sandel

I personally scaled my solo freelance graphic design business into a successful branding agency that consistently books $12k, $15k, $20k and even $45k clients.

I will guide you through the Coaching & Mastermind with actionable how-to’s from my own business journey, as well as personalized advice for your unique situation.

Plus you will be part of an amazing creative community where you will make friends, send referrals to each other, and all grow your businesses together!

It’s time for you to scale your design business!

Ready to join us?

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Perfect future!

Taking Your Business to the Next Level

How would it feel to have work-life balance where you experience the freedom, flexibility, and happiness that a proftable design agency can bring?

What if you could generate a consistent stream of $10k+ clients so you can easily grow your business without having to do all the work?

Just imagine finally getting out of that feast and famine cycle! Wouldn’t that be the dream?

How would it feel to stop checking your bank account and focus instead on the profit your own business is making? The business you started, created, and grew to $20k months and beyond?

It’s time to crack (multiple) six figures in your design business without adding more to your already-busy plate!

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You are ready to join The Creative CEO if:

  • You’re a brand designer, graphic designer, web designer, or creative director who has a business already, but it’s not growing in the way you want.
  • You want to stop offering cheap one-off designs and start building $15k+ offers you know your clients need.
  • You’re tired of the feast and famine cycle, and it’s time to set up your marketing so dream clients find and book you easily.
  • You have had clients in the past year, maybe even high-ticket ones, but you still aren’t hitting the consistent monthly income goals you desire.
  • You know that you’re capable of getting bigger clients, hitting $20k months in your design business, and changing the world as an industry leader.
  • You’re ready to work less hours, be less busy, and hire people who can help you!

Does that sound like you?

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Screenshot 2022-05-12 152812
Screenshot 2023-01-23 1143355
Screenshot 2023-01-23 1145311
Screenshot 2023-01-25 1130177
Screenshot 2023-01-25 1135599
Screenshot 2023-01-25 1149144
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kristina coaching
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You can turn your design

business into a sustainable and profitable agency without hiring employees, working more, or panicking about the numbers in your bank account.

When you join us..

Kady Sandel


Coaching &
Mastermind Calls

- bi-weekly calls -

During our bi-weekly Mastermind calls, we’ll brainstorm, make action plans, and have Q&A sessions. We all focus on your business, correct what’s not working, and help you make a plan to get to move forward ($20k+ months) and scale your design business into a profitable, simple, and sustainable agency.


The Profitable
Program ($997)

- lifetime access -

In my signature self-paced course, you’ll get access to 12 modules (85 lessons) that will help you set up your business for success. This program has everything you need to make sure your foundation is solid and you are ready to book $20k dream projects and hire your team. You receive full lifetime access to this program when you join the The Creative CEO coaching & mastermind.

Group of young multiracial business people are working in modern office. Freelancers in coworking place. Creative and stylish youth.


Designer Community

- lifetime access -

You will get lifetime access to a private platform of brand, graphic and web designers who will help you get unstuck and move forward faster! When we are not on calls, this community is where you can jump in to ask any questions you may have, and solve any problems that come up in your business (even after the 5-month coaching & mastermind experience is over).


1-to-1 Call with
Kady Sandel

- after the mastermind -

Once the program is over, you’ll get to schedule a 1-to-1 call with Kady Sandel (me). I will go over your progress over the past 5 months and suggest personalized next steps to uplevel your business, consistently book the high-ticket clients you want, build your dream team, and grow your profitable creative agency!

Kady Sandel


Bonuses &

- downloadable pdfs -

Yep – we added in some value-packed video bonuses and 47 workbooks to help you grow your business faster! These super-actionable resources give you everything you need to bring your dream agency to life.
*Extra bonuses are included when you pay in full.

Already enrolled in The Profitable Designer Program?
Email us at hi@aventiveacademy.com for your exclusive discount!
We will take the amount you already paid for PDP out of your total.

As the CEO of your own design business, you could have it all! No, really.


No, really.

Hustle culture is overrated. You don’t need to work on weekends, after hours, or even full work hours to take your design business to $20k+ months and make it enjoyable.


Scaling into an agency

does take some time and effort at first

Shape 5 copy 7

I’m not going to lie or paint the “it’s so easy” picture to you! But you can get your time back by implementing the proven business & marketing strategies that I teach in The Creative CEO.

Your time is so important! Imagine having the freedom to choose your work hours, choose when to spend your time with family and friends, or simply choose how much “me time” you want so you can go back to your hobbies, exercising, meditation, or whatever lights YOU up!

Let’s build your simple, profitable & sustainable design agency without burnout.

Have you seen my

reel that went viral?

It got over 78,000 views, likes, comments, and saves! All I did was share some real images from my proposals so designers can see how much I charge.


Let me show you how to get these results in
your design business too!

Kady Sandel

Meet Your Facilitator

Hi! My name is Kady Sandel,

and I’m a brand designer and business coach.

I am the CEO of a profitable branding & design agency based in Austin, TX, working with clients worldwide.

I created The Creative CEO to show you how to build a profitable design agency without working more – in fact, by delegating the client work and working less!

I walk you through the process of figuring out what YOU need to do to get to where YOU want to be. You can turn your creative business into a thriving agency.

I work on dream high-paying projects ($15-20k), have a team of contractors, and I also finally have the freedom I always wanted from my business: the freedom to spend more time with my family & friends, travel whenever I want (even take 2 months off every year!), and never worry about burning out or not having enough money.

You will work with me and the power of the group of other designers to brainstorm solutions, move forward, and scale your design agency in a non-traditional way😊


An Intimate and Positive

Business-Building Experience

We have space for up to 20 designers in The Creative CEO. During the coaching & masterminding portion of our bi-weekly calls, we split into smaller mini-groups of 3-5 designers.

By keeping our mini-groups small on purpose, we ensure that you get the 1:1 attention you deserve during our calls & hot-seat coaching.

At the same time, the group is still big enough that you will be exposed to a diverse set of challenges, ideas, and experiences from your Mastermind peers (who will soon be your business BFFs!😊)

In addition to solving your own business problems, you get to give back and be an active part of helping other designers & creatives grow their agencies too.

Apply for The Creative CEO here:

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Our students

Claudia Astorino



“I felt confused before taking Aventive’s lessons. They helped me develop a better vision of what I want for my agency. I was able to quickly apply some concepts like setting my goals, naming my agency, and learning how to find clients.”

Kristan McArthur



“Before discovering these courses, I felt like I hit a brick wall and was at a dead-end in my design career. It was like Kady read my mind and offered exactly what I needed to achieve future success for my graphic design business.”

dynia grille headshot

Dynia Grille



“Save yourself the time of reading 50 different business books! Just pay attention to this course and you will learn more. Aventive Academy talks about design as a business: specialized, concrete and very comprehensive.”

Designers and

Designers and illustrators

in our previous Mastermind rounds have:

  • Raised their rates to hit their income goals
  • Restructured their entire design businesses
  • Made clear action plans & steps (no more wishing and hoping!)
  • Created focused & personalized marketing strategies
  • Figured out what social media platforms to use (and which to stop using)
  • Learned how to communicate with & sell to high-ticket clients
  • Revamped their offers, pricing, & packages
  • Improved their websites to attract & convert their dream clients
  • Developed amazing case studies and portfolios
  • And much more!

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear it directly from them!

Things we'll cover

during our 5 months together:

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+ You get these bonuses:

  1. Professional Agency Email Templates
  2. Content & Social Media Planner
  3. Developing an eBook for Passive Income
  4. How to Grow Your Email List
  5. Grow Your Business with Melinda Livsey
  6. Growth Tracker & Organizer

+ and these VIP bonuses (if paid in full):

  1. SEO & Profitable Blogging
  2. Get Your Dream Client Blueprint

Your profitable design agency is closer than you think!

Our students

Laura Agafitei headshot



"The Aventive Academy Mastermind helped me gain clarity on where my brand design business is going. Through the Mastermind, I made a new marketing plan, restructured my portfolio, and raised my prices. If you’re facing ANY problems in your design business, and you’re looking for results, this Mastermind is the place to be. It's worth every single penny."

emir kudic headshot



"I ALMOST had a $10k month! The client paid two days later, so it wasn’t technically in one month, but it was still an amazing feeling to make that much money at once. Previously, I made around $3-4k per month, and through the course I increased my monthly income by an additional $2-3k monthly.”

morgan pantoja headshot

Morgan Pantoja



“Since starting Aventive Academy, I have raised my rates for branding considerably. I used to offer logo design, and I now offer 3 larger branding packages for clients to choose from. These packages range from 5x to 10x higher than what I used to charge!”

Why now?

Now is the best time to grow your design business and live the flexible lifestyle you’ve been craving!

You could wait another year or two to raise your rates, book dream ($10k+) clients, and have more control of your life.

You could.

But you could also join The Creative CEO and start applying the information right now!

Five months from now, you could be fully in your power as a CEO, on track to hit $20k per month, with a team of amazing people who you trust (while you keep the profit).

Why wait any longer for that?!

And yes, you can also DIY it, you can keep Googling, listening to thousands of new podcast episodes and wasting your time watching another YouTube video trying to piece it all together…

Sure, you can do that.

Or you could get it all served in front of you in ONE place where you get access to live calls, my attention, pre-recorded lessons, templates and scripts, PLUS a community of like-minded designers who are also scaling their businesses into agencies!
Aaaand, get all of that TODAY!?

What do you say? What is your choice? 😊

The Investment

The investment (amount of $$) is the same whether you pay in full or choose a payment plan!


5 Monthly Payments of


  • Bi-Weekly Mastermind Calls
  • 1-to-1 Call with Kady Sandel
  • The Profitable Designer Program
  • Exclusive Designer Community
  • Video Lessons, Bonuses & Workbooks


12 Monthly Payments of


  • Bi-Weekly Mastermind Calls
  • 1-to-1 Call with Kady Sandel
  • The Profitable Designer Program
  • Exclusive Designer Community
  • Video Lessons, Bonuses & Workbooks

Best Value

Pay in full

1 Payment of


  • Bi-Weekly Mastermind Calls
  • 1-to-1 Call with Kady Sandel
  • The Profitable Designer Program
  • Exclusive Designer Community
  • Video Lessons, Bonuses & Workbooks


VIP Bonus 1

SEO & Profitable Blogging ($199)

VIP Bonus 2

Get Your Dream Client Blueprint ($567)

Already enrolled in The Profitable Designer Program?
Email us at hi@aventiveacademy.com for your exclusive discount!

How to Join the

Creative CEO:

How to Join The Creative CEO:

out form

Fill out our application form – we can’t wait to learn about you and your design biz!

We Review Application

Our team will review your application and get back to you with the next steps.

your spot

Pay to officially reserve your spot (limited number!).


Once your payment is in, you get access to the Profitable Designer Program, the private designer community, and our Zoom URL for the Coaching & Mastermind calls.

It’s not all about

the money,but…
more $$$$ gives you:

It’s not all about the money,
but… more $$$$ gives you:

Time for your family and friends

A flexible schedule

A healthy and fulfilling lifestyle

The freedom you’ve dreamt of

Fancier shoes, clothing, and dinners

(fill in the blank – only you know what you would do with more money in your bank account)

I know you’re ready to become the 2.0 version of yourself!

What is the ROI, you ask?

If you get just one client from this coaching & mastermind experience, you already made your money back.

But let me ask you this: what will it cost you if you
DON’T invest in yourself?

Also, previous students have doubled their rates in just a few weeks and gone from
struggling to hitting $10k months… #justsaying


arrow 9 (1)

I’m not offering you a miracle cure.

It takes time to build a sustainable design agency. It’s not an overnight thing.

But I’m giving you the real, proven strategies that you can use to consistently sign high-paying clients, and find a team of people who can help you build a profitable & sustainable design business, just like I did.

However, it’s UP TO YOU to apply the things you learn & put in the hard work upfront to see the success you’re looking for.

Shape 5 copy 7

The results are individual, but we give you everything to help you get to where YOU WANT to be.

Ready to join us?

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Kristina 3
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kristan redid contracts ig
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Kristina 2
Screenshot 2023-01-25 114852 copy
Screenshot 2022-05-12 151024
Screenshot 2023-01-25 1149144

Not sure if The Creative CEO is for you?

Not sure if The Creative CEO is for you?

Send us an email with your questions to
hi@aventiveacademy.com or read the FAQs below.